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Statutory Testing

Electrical Safety Testing – identify undetected faults before they become critical breakdowns.

Ensure your safety, avoid equipment failure and electrical fires.


We are committed to developing ongoing relationships with our clients – maintaining safety compliance is easier when you have access to one team that manages all of your assets.

Our electricians are fully qualified and experienced  
We have a 24-hour emergency breakdown service  
We provide technical support and progress updates  
You can take advantage of our scheduled maintenance options  
We deliver an exceptional service and provide ongoing support  
Reports are available instantaneously through our live customer portal  


Platinum's long term approach to asset management ensures that there is a strong focus on reducing the overall lifecycle costs for our clients.

Our team only use market leading equipment and offer tailored solutions to create time and cost efficiencies.

  • rcd3


    RCDs (safety switches) are prone to failure, so routine electronic testing and measuring is imperative to ensure the integrity of your RCDs and the safety of your workplace. We'll tailor a testing schedule to not only fulfil your obligations under AS/NZS 3760, but also meet the operational requirements of your business.
  • tag-platinum


    Our technicians will carry out extensive testing using the latest Portable Appliance Testers to ensure all relevant standards are being met. We only use certified and calibrated equipment, and provide electronic test reports and asset registers on completion of all testing.
  • exit-lighting


    To assist your business with meeting the requirements of AS2293, we'll develop a testing program that ensures the smooth testing of all exit signage and emergency lighting. By partnering with leading product suppliers, we have the ability to offer extended warranty periods, reducing the overall lifecycle cost of each fitting.
  • Hot-panel1-2


    Electrical issues manifest as heat long before a fault, short circuit or cable failure occurs. Our thermal imaging and reporting technology is cutting edge, with the sensitivity to detect unusual heat activity early for easy intervention.
  • switchbaord


    Generators can save on lost productivity and costs associated with internal and external power supply failures. Our technicians are experienced in the supply and installation of new generators and manual transfer/automatic transfer switch systems, as well as ongoing service and maintenance programs.

  • lightning


    A Lightning Protection Test (LPT) involves a visual inspection and manual testing of lightning conductors and earth grounding installations, carried out by a qualified Electrical Engineer. Each individual earth grounding point and its conductors are electronically tested for resistance to ground.

  • switchboards2


    Australian Standard AS 2467 requires commercial premises to ensure all switchboards are maintained for safety and to minimise outages. Trust our team in ensuring your switchboard retains reliability and remains compliant.

  • nRAH_Room-1024x597


    Body Protected Electrical Area testing (BPEA) is specialised electrical testing carried out in hospitals, aged care, health care, medical and dental facilities. A Body Protected Electrical Area is a health care patient area defined in AS 3003:2011 which requires annual routine inspection and testing.

  • chords


    Your PFC unit influences your system's energy efficiency. Maintaining your PFC can reduce or prevent unexpected energy costs associated with incorrectly functioning units.

  • microwave


    Our technicians will carry out a physical inspection and conduct extensive testing procedures to ensure all relevant standards are being met. We only use certified equipment for testing and always conduct our tests thoroughly and carefully.

  • pexels-photo-236093


    Crucial to prevents data loss, data corruption and equipment damage, your UPS unit supplies instantaneous power in the event of internal or external power supply loss. Ensure your UPS system is ready and complies with AS 3604.3-2002.

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Find out how we can help with your electrical safety testing requirements.