What Are The Tools Of An Electrician?

Posted in: Electrical Tips for Business

The next time you have an electrician in your home, you might want to have a look at the tools he or she has. A good electrician will have a range of tools and really know how to use them. You might want to think of getting some of them for around your home for minor repairs. Be very careful if you do anything with the electricity.

Tape Measure. A common tool that is used to measure the correct lengths and heights for switches and outlets. This is also necessary for getting lighting fixtures in the right position.

Voltmeter. This is used to check voltages, to see if your wiring is in good condition and to check if your power points are faulty and not your appliance – something you might want to check before calling for electrical services.

Hammer. Every tradesman has one.

Channel Lock Pliers. Most tradesmen have this type of pliers and they have a variety of uses, normally for gripping onto a variety of different sized objects.

Wire Strippers. Another item you might want around the home, and they make light work of stripping the plastic coating without cutting the important wire on the inside.

Non-Contact Voltage Detector. This is used for a quick safety check to see if there is current flow. Some of the items are automatic and others need to be turned on. If it is placed near a wire you will know if it is energised.

Side Cutting Diagonal Pliers. These cutting pliers are also called cutting snips and designed with a cutting edge that goes down to the edge of the pliers. Great for getting into tight places. Some of these also have live wire detection capabilities – very useful indeed.

Linesman Pliers. These are the do-it-all pliers that any good electrical services professional will have. They are great for may uses and designed particularly for working with cables and wires.

Torpedo Level. No level and nothing is going to be level. This is an absolute must. You cannot always guess because your walls and other points that you are referencing from might not be level themselves.

Flash Light. This is a must, considering that an electrician is going to have to work in tight places, in ceilings and in the hollows of walls. If you cannot see you could be putting yourself in real danger.

Allen Wrench Set. Allen bolts are often used in electrical panels (there are a variety of these and even specialist ones for specialist screws and bolts you will find on appliances).

Crimpers. These look like pliers, but are used to squeeze a metal ring on a wire. Extremely important for tidying messy ends and keeping your electrical wires under control.

Rubber Soled Shoes. These might actually save your life.

It is really dangerous to do anything electrical yourself, and even more dangerous if you do electrical work without the skills and tools. Even just adding new lighting to your home can be a very dangerous business. You need to think twice.