Getting Your Electricity Back On After Flooding

Posted in: Electrical Tips for the Home

Even if you do not think you home is that damaged, there are a number of things that you will have to do after being affected by flooding. You must be very careful when it comes turning the power back on to you home, and you need the services of a professional electrician. A home may look OK after flooding has gone, but there are real dangers when it comes to the wiring of your home. You really need to take care before flicking the switch. Every home that has been affected by flooding must be professionally checked before power can be restored. There are a number of ways that you can deal with this.

Power Company. You will need to arrange for your power supplier to come and inspect your home. They will check your home for water damage and what needs to be done. Replacement work can actually be very extensive after water damage and you will have very high costs associated with this even if your home is still looking OK. The power company will fill out a form and leave it in your meter box.

Professional. You can find professional services that have the right to do the inspection instead of waiting for your power company. This can be a way to fast track your process. As the power company has to go out to so many homes you could be waiting for a long time. A professional electrical services company that has the right qualifications and has been granted the right to do the testing will come to your home and do the necessary testing and submit this to the power company.

You will have to pay. If your insurance company is not covering you, you will have to pay for the professional check. Even if you are insured, it can take such a long time for you to receive your actual payment, and so you might be paying it first. Make sure you get the appraisal first. If you start fixing before you insurance company has checked out the situation you might lose your coverage.

Coverage. In times of such disasters you might be able to claim back these costs from your state or federal government and it is important to find out what you are entitled to.

DO NOT DIY. You may be frustrated at the time it is taking, but when we are talking about electricity and power, it is too much of a risk to be doing it yourself. You need to be careful even with your water-affected appliances. Even if you are not working on your electrical you need to be careful when you are making repairs to your home. Even other work often requires some form of licensing. You might just be trying to fix a wall and you drill in the wrong place and the next thing you are dead.

There is nothing else you can do than go except work through the processes outlined before you can get your power back on.