Woolworths Emergency Lighting Repairs

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The Platinum Electricians team completed an emergency lighting upgrade at a commercial warehouse space.  The project included removal or replacement of redundant emergency lighting, Installation of new clevertronic LED emergency lights, commissioning of emergency lighting system to zone works automatic monitoring and testing system. The Emergency testing logs were updated and supplied to the client.

Project Achievements

  • Project completed with minimal disturbance to warehouse occupant Woolworths. Platinum contractors were able to liaise with the warehouse manager in regards to logistics of stock, movement of elevated work platform and out of hours work. 
  • Replacement and installation of new emergency fittings meets the Australian requirements and standards in regard to emergency lighting. 
  • Project completed both ahead of schedule and within budget. 

Cost Saving Initiatives

  • Installation of the LED emergency fittings will reduce energy and maintenance cost of the tenant.
  • Installation of the zone works automated system will allow for reports to be accessible from almost any device. This then in turn will save on contractor fees.    

Project Innovations

  • Installation of the zone works automatic monitoring and testing system will allow for unattended commissioning.    
  • The system will allow reports to be accessible from any smart device allowing for peace of mind that the site is compliant to emergency lighting standards.  

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