Watch Out for Electrical Dangers When Renovating

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Renovators who aren’t qualified electricians should never carry out wiring work or install lights, power points of other electrical infrastructure around the house.

An electrician should also be brought in to do a safety check before any renovations occur.

Any extension leads that are used should be able to handle their expected power demand. Three pronged plugs should always be used as two pronged devices are not earthed and so could be fatal in the event of an electrical fault.

Power boards should not be overloaded. No more than one double adaptor per board should be used.

When painting near light fittings, it’s important not to remove the protective plate as this will expose potentially deadly wiring.  When installing tiles around light fixtures, an electrician should be brought in to remove the plate and neutralise any wiring risks before work begins.

Safety switches should also be checked often to ensure that appliances in the home are safe to use.