Trade in a Boring Career for a Trade!

Posted in: Electrical Tips for Business

Tradies are among the happiest workers, according to Yet the professions are also one of the most under-rated. Many high school graduates feel like they need to go to university to be happy and successful and sadly, skilled trades can be seen as a last resort for high school drop outs to pursue.

The reality is that electricians, plumbers and other skilled tradespeople generally earn very good money. Those with ambition and drive can earn over $100,000 a year.

Trades people can usually start work straight after high school, rather than amassing a five figure HECS debt. This allows them to save for their first home earlier and move towards financial security more quickly.

Rather than having to live from pay cheque to pay cheque, good trades people usually find it easier to find work than those in many other professions. Starting your own business is also cheaper than in many other industries as you are the primary investment.

So next time you’re considering a career path or even a career change, have a think about life as an electrician, plumber or other tradesperson.

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