Top 7 Advantages of Going Solar

Posted in: Electrical Tips for the Home

Solar energy is used by thousands of homes around Australia to generate renewable and clean energy. Although it’s a relatively new source of energy, it has been used in homes and businesses around the world with much success. In addition to reducing electricity bills, going solar presents many of other benefits. We look at the top advantages of going solar in more detail below.

Drawing on a Renewable Resource

Solar energy is a renewable resource. There’s no danger of depleting the sun’s rays by drawing on this effectively endless source of energy. Compared to gas, coal, and oil, solar is one of the most abundant and easily harvested energies on earth. Many professional electrical services can help you with a safe and thorough solar panel installation.

A Non-Polluting Technology

Solar power draws on the sun’s rays and effectively stores the energy contained these rays for household or commercial use. There are no emissions, no need to extract resources form the earth, or pollution created in the process of capturing the sun’s rays. Users of solar panels can rest in the knowledge that their solar panel system won’t harm the environment or emit greenhouse gases.

Harnessing a Free Source

The sun’s energy is free to be tapped into at your discretion. Once the system is set up, you can capture as much energy as your panels allow and even sell excess energy back to the grid. You could theoretically end up with a negative energy bill!

Low Maintenance

Solar panels require little to no maintenance at all. There are no moving parts to be maintained or replaced. Cleaning may be useful from time to time but your solar panels will last you decades without needing replacement or serious maintenance from an electrician or other professionals.


Solar energy is actually very versatile. The latest technology means they can be used for homes, cars, water heating, factories, and other building. Solar power is even used for powering satellites in space. The latest advancements in solar technology means panels are more reliable and efficient than ever at capturing the sun’s energy.

Enabling Off-The Grid Living

For people who live in remote locations, solar power is probably a more realistic source of energy than reliance on the grid. For people in countries and regions prone to blackouts, solar power has provided a reliable means of living off the grid and facilitating more energy independence.

A solar power system may prove to be more and more cost effective as the price of fossil fuels continue to rise in the coming years. Users will be able to insulate themselves from the potential price shocks an exhaustion of fossil fuels may bring to the economy.

Boosting Home Values

Solar power has been demonstrated to boost the value of homes by tens of thousands of dollars. While getting a better value on your house is probably not the sole reason you’d want to purchase solar panels, it’s worth considering if you do intend to sell in the medium to longer term. Solar panels keep their value well as they have a very long effective working life.