Successful Companies That Get Work/Life Balance Right

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Platinum - Successful Companies That Get Work/Life Balance Right

Work/life balance has been a much debated conversation in the business world for years, but here at Platinum Electricians, it’s something we live by. So much so, that we name Have a Healthy Work/Life Balance as one of our most important core values.

With the growing use of technology, and with social media and mobile devices so ingrained in our society, it can sometimes prove difficult to separate your working life from your personal life.

But evidence suggests that long work hours may impair personal health, jeopardise safety and increase stress. Without quality leisure time, both your physical and mental health suffers, your personal relationships prove challenging, and your general wellbeing takes a knock. Those most affected are the ones working over 55 hours a week, which is surprisingly easy to do.

There are many different strategies for creating a healthy work/life balance, including:

  • Tracking your time
  • Determining your priorities
  • Setting specific goals
  • Scrupulous scheduling
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Making time to stay in shape
  • Making time for family/relationships
  • Having “you time”
  • Leaving work at work
  • Knowing when to delegate
  • Having “dark” periods without technology

Not sure it’s possible to promote more time to enjoy life in your business without harming sales? Just look at these successful companies getting the balance right…


The ABC has a range of flexible policies and practices designed to help people balance their work and personal lives. With flexible working hours, job share arrangements, the ability to purchase additional annual leave, and the option to work from home, the ABC recognises that work should fit around your life – and not the other way around. This is a big part of why they’ve been voted as one of Australia’s most desirable employers.


Ticketmaster have a great reputation for taking care of staff. They offer incentives to show up to work, like raffle prizes, free lunches, and extra days off, as well as perks like free and discounted tickets. Working at Ticketmaster can be hectic and intense at times according to reviews, but the company knows how to say thanks for their employee’s hard work.


IBM retains talented people by recognising and supporting their life outside of work. In fact, they go as far as to offer more than 50 programs, principles and policies to assist in just that. Programs include:

  • Job Share Workshops
  • Men@Work
  • Get Balanced
  • People Oriented Job Redesign

IBM supports their employee’s flexible working options so that they can commit to their family and personal interests. They enable people to create individual working schedules to suit their needs in consideration of the needs of the business. They allow opportunities for working at home, a flexible working week, part-time work and job sharing. In return they receive greater loyalty and efficiency from their over 300,000 employees.


At Colgate, “people” are at the core of everything they stand for – be it the billions of consumers that use their products or the 37,000 staff that work there.

Colgate strives to be an employer of choice by offering attractive packages that retain talented and dedicated workers. This includes training and education, but it also means promoting healthier lifestyles for employees and ensuring people feel recognised and rewarded. Their Wellness Strategy encompasses physical, emotional and financial wellness, and encourages holistic health for all employees and their family members. Colgate provides ‘Live Better’ events, activities and resources all around the world to support employees in their efforts.

Suncorp Bank

Suncorp’s CEO approval rate is 98% and this is a reflection of their outstanding policies when it comes to nurturing a healthy work/life balance. Enabling employees to access flexible work arrangements such as part-time, job-share, career breaks and return to work schemes, they also allow for working at home should it be required.


We couldn’t possibly make a list of companies that take work/life balance seriously and not put Google on it. Google are at the forefront of the healthy work/life balance momentum. Google offers its employees free meals, napping pods, gym memberships, zen gardens, games rooms and more. Now they’ve even gone as far as to create Mountain View, a state-of-the-art California base that includes an outdoor amphitheatre, giant solar tent work space, and native woods in which to immerse yourself.


One of the biggest pieces of advice that Richard Branson gives to his employees and associates is to create a healthy work/life balance. He is all too aware of what burnout can do and suggests that as technology advances, it’s even more important to step away and take moments to reflect and stay still. As a result, Virgin encourages all its employees to “enjoy life” as much as possible… which is certainly something that most people think of when they picture Richard Branson!

Does your company put work/life balance at your core?

Not only are staff more positive and engaged when they’re able to balance their family and personal lives with their work, but they’ll be more productive too – so businesses really can’t afford to not put work/life balance in the spotlight.

Here at Platinum Electricians our focus of having a healthy work life balance, is what has attracted so many electricians to learn from us how to build a successful business. Our model is based on not being a slave to your business, but in fact having it as a tool to create the balanced life every business owner desires. If you, or someone you know may be interested in learning how we do it, click here to find out more.