The Risks and Preventative Measures for Electrical Hazards in Mines

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Opal mine and related processing plant managers need to be especially mindful of electrical risks, explained

The risks

Mine sites can leave workers at risk of electrocution, arc blast injuries, or harm from flammable gas and dust.

Electrical equipment on a mine site is especially prone to damage or a reduced its life span because of the operating conditions. Moisture, heat, radiation, corrosive chemicals and dust all contribute to its premature expiry.

Items that are continually unplugged and moved around the site are also prone to damage. Other risk factors include carrying out work near the equipment and inadequate care of wiring.

How to increase safety

To minimise the risks, miners need to ensure they know all the risks present on site. They should understand the design, installation and maintenance of all equipment and how its risks are being safely managed, for example through earthing.

Electrical work to maintain equipment must be carried out by a qualified electrician. In addition, all completed work must receive a Certificate of Compliance.