Reviewers Praise New Smoke Alarm

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Reviewers have had nothing but praise for the new smoke detector Nest Protect Smoke Alarm,according to Business Insider.

The device has fast acting motion sensors that can silence the alarm when needed, such as when it’s been triggered by burnt toast. You just need to persistently wave at the alarm but it is designed in such a way that children can’t turn it off.

Before the alarm sounds, the device offers a verbal warning of an incident, such as ‘Heads up, there’s smoke in the living room’. This gives residents a chance to respond before the situation deteriorates. Interestingly, Nest said that children wake up better at the sound of a female voice compared to a regular alarm.

The alarms connect to each other remotely using an inbuilt communication network. This allows residents to be notified of a fire, no matter where they happen to be in the house.

In addition, the device connects to an app that can notify users of an incident when they’re away from home.

With all things considered, the Nest Protect Smoke Alarm could very well be the future of smoke detectors.