Why You Need To Partner With An Electrical Company For Your Warehouse Network

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Addressing a warehouse’s electrical needs

Warehouses are intensive users of electricity. With complex lighting, energy management, and security systems, your warehouse network likely has unique requirements when it comes to an efficient electrical system. Compliance requirements for testing and tagging also apply, and these are designed to reduce the risk of electrical shock in your warehouses. An electrical inspection can identify any problems or hazards, as well as maintain systems essential to the successful operation of your business.

  • Lighting: Lighting is one of the most important elements in your warehouse network. Your lighting system should be energy efficient and needs to meet work health and safety standards. For example, emergency and exit lighting in the workplace needs to be in working order. It should be highly visible to people inside the warehouse.
  • Security: CCTV systems, alarms, sensors, and entrances are some of the electrical hotspots in your warehouse security system.These need regular checks and testing.
  • Heating and cooling: Temperature control is a key component of warehouse management. If you work with industrial fridges or freezers, it’s imperative that these are functioning correctly in order to avoid electrical failure and damaging goods.
  • Cloud-based platforms: You probably manage your warehouse network with warehouse management software or through an inventory management platform. If they’re cloud-based, you’ll be reliant on your internet infrastructure – and therefore your electrical system – to be up and running. Other cloud-based applications you might be using for your warehouse include billing, accounting, and HR.
  • Testing and tagging: Regular testing and tagging is required by law, and this applies to electrical tools and equipment. Warehouses need to make sure equipment is tested and tagged at the required intervals to reduce the risk of electrical shock. Examples of equipment to be tested include battery chargers, forklift chargers, extension leads, and power boards.

4 Benefits of working with a national electrician for warehouse networks

National electricians offer your warehouse network the expertise of a local electrician with the capabilities and infrastructure of a national network.

1. Knowledge of your systems and what’s needed to make your business work

By working with a national electrician, you’re guaranteed to have a partner who knows your systems well and understands your business. The electricians who service your warehouse network have the advantage of having access to your entire service history and account record.

Knowledge of your systems and understanding of your business translates into consistency of approach and service efficiency. The electricians are already familiar with your sites and so they could get the job done quicker and better.

2. A proven track record of quality service

Working with the same national provider across your warehouse network also gives you extra reassurance you’ll receive quality service every time. If an emergency arises, or if you have a maintenance scheduled, your electrical provider can deliver high quality results.

Without a go-to partner for your electrical needs, you could end up spending significant amounts of time managing your contractors, screening them for new jobs, and managing multiple accounts.

3. A local electrician with national resources

Working with a national provider gives you the best of both worlds: you’ll have an electrician with a local touch who is supported by the resources of a national business. They have the requisite local knowledge for your warehouse and for compliance requirements, but they’re also backed up by their national infrastructure. This mean they can access back-office support, the latest technology, as well as other tools and resources to do a better job for your warehouses. Also, the electrician will be held to stricter standards because they’re part of a national company.

4. Expert knowledge of potential hazards and needs

A national electrician services a range of industries and commercial operations, and as such have a detailed knowledge of hazards and risks.

They’ll be proficient in addressing common electrical dangers like aged wiring, live exposed wires, and melted leads or plugs in equipment. They’ll be able to address other common hazards including water damage from leaks leading to electric shock, damaged tools needing plug replacement, and protecting power circuits with the right fuses or circuit breakers.

Reputable national electrical electricians can give you advice on safe electrical practice like using cable-protection ramps and covers, and they can do preventative maintenance and testing, especially for hostile operating environments. So, you can rely on your electrical partner for excellent service as well as expert advice.

A national electrical provider is the optimal partner for your warehouse network. They can bring local expertise with the support of a national infrastructure. Additionally, they can offer you consistent quality services and apply their in-depth understanding of your warehouse network’s electrical systems.

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