Moving Offices? Here’s How a Commercial Electrician Can Help

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Moving offices or venues is a stressful event for all involved, with many tasks to organise and possibly a lot of equipment and furniture to shift. Once you’ve booked in the removalists, had the WiFi connected, moved everything in and set it up, all whilst trying to maintain business as usual, you might feel that you’re missing something in the mix.

Selecting vendors is an important part of your moving checklist, as they will be able to assist you in facilitating your move. You may require the services of a plumber, a handyman, or even an interior decorator to make your move easier; and the services of an electrician should definitely be on this list.

Booking a commercial electrician can ensure a smooth transition knowing you’re in good hands. A quality serviceperson will also be able to offer suggestions for improvement, or provide services you hadn’t considered. Let’s take a look at a few of these.

Conducting a safety inspection

Your OH&S officer will sing your praises knowing a safety inspection of the new premises is being conducted. Before you move in, your electrician should do a thorough inspection of the space to identify and eliminate any potential safety issues. If these are tackled before the move, it’ll be an extra thing off your mind knowing your staff and visitors are in good hands.

Trip hazards from electrical cords, faulty wiring, damaged sockets and other electrical problems can be dangerous to those working in the environment. The last thing you want is for any of your team or visitors to be involved in an accident that could have easily been prevented with a safety inspection.

Performing an energy efficiency assessment

Energy efficient appliances, lights and systems can help you to save money in the long term. When you have electronics that are certifiably running at their most efficient, you can expect lowered electricity bills and less maintenance in the long term. Your electrician will offer suggestions for your best installation or lighting options for the new office, ensuring less downtime returning to business as usual and that your staff aren’t working by lamp light.

Where possible, appliances should be updated to more energy efficient models, and your electrician will be able to install these for you. Power saving lights or power saving settings on lighting systems help save money on bills in the long run by running more effectively, and it’s always good to jump on any money saving opportunity.

Perform emergency light inspection and maintenance

To lower the risk of a circuit blowout or issues with lighting, your electrician should perform an emergency light inspection with regular maintenance performance alongside their general inspections. In the event of a blackout or electrical failure, emergency lights add an extra level of safety by illuminating the path to evacuate.

All emergency lighting systems should be regularly tested to make sure they are functioning correctly in the event of an emergency. They will also be fully aware of the laws surrounding these regular checks and will be able to schedule with you accordingly.

Help with due diligence e.g. reviewing inspection logs

Due diligence is a legal obligation for those purchasing a new or existing property to perform research on the property before entering into a contract or agreement. A commercial electrician can assist you with this by reviewing inspection logs of previous electrical tests. From this, they will be able to see if there are pre-existing issues and can provide evaluations and quotes on the costs of repairs or a complete system overhaul. This ensures from the get-go that your new premises is aboveboard, safe and fulfilling all legal duties.

Employees will look to their leaders for safety and guidance, which makes choosing a quality electrician so important. Whilst exercising your due diligence on any future property, make sure you’re doing your own due diligence on researching any vendors you’re considering working with.

Enlisting the help of a commercial electrician when relocating

A high quality commercial electrician makes life easier, especially during stressful times. Emergencies will always come up, but knowing that from the start you’re in direct contact with a dedicated service company will ensure timely and efficient service you can rely on.

By taking a few extra steps to ensure you’re hiring professional vendors or companies, you will save yourself a lot of worry in the long run. Working with qualified and experienced professionals means you can leave the work to them, giving you more time to focus on other tasks.

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