How to Light Your Office More Efficiently

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Lighting represents as much as 50% of the average business power bill. Companies can therefore save significantly by lighting their business more efficiently.

Installing energy efficient lights can reduce power bills by up to 82%.

The following are some practical steps businesses can take.

1. Use natural light wherever possible with skylights. In addition, businesses can install sensors to ensure that artificial lighting is only used when it’s genuinely needed.

2. Use time-adjustable buttons for after-hours lights.

3. Replacing 100 T8 linear fluorescent lights with 28 watt T5 linear fluorescent lights can reduce power use by up to 40%. It can also reduce the business’ greenhouse gas output by over 8 tonnes.

4. Replacing 100 50 watt dichroic halogen lights with 16 watt LED lights can reduce power use by 80% and reduce the greenhouse gas output by 13.5 tonnes.

5. Replacing a single 400 watt metal halide lamp with a 320 watt pulse-start version can reduce power use by 23% and cut greenhouse gas emissions by over 28 tonnes.