The Journey to Master Electrician

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electrical3The electrical industry is fast moving and always seeing technological advances, making it an exciting and rewarding industry to work in. Despite changes in the industry however, electricians’ skills will always be in demand, for installation, maintenance, and repair work, as well as for new areas of development such as solar energy. So, if you’re considering a career as an electrician, read on for information on how to get started and eventually achieve the prestigious Master Electrician status.

Start with an apprenticeship

An apprentice is an entry-level electrician who is training to do the job under the guidance of a qualified electrician. This is a four year commitment, and you will need to attend paid work for the duration of the apprenticeship. You may also do off-the-job training, at TAFE, NECA Colleges, or other approved training providers.

After completing your apprenticeship or traineeship, you will have a Certificate III in Electrotechnology and you can apply for an electrical licence in order to carry out unsupervised work. This is a nationally recognised qualification.

What does an electrician’s work involve?

Once licensed, an electrician is able to work unsupervised, to install wiring and electrical systems and can undertake a wide range of electrical work safely. Some work mainly in residential properties, whereas others may focus on larger builds or more niche electrical jobs.

When running a job, you may also need to:

  • Acquire permits
  • Design wiring systems for new properties and refurbishments
  • Decide on the correct type of wiring for a job
  • Design wire routing and electrical source locations for a property
  • Supervise and train apprentices

What is a Master Electrician?

A Master Electrician is an electrician who is a member of the Master Electricians Australia (MEA), which provides accreditation to electricians who have proven themselves capable of delivering safe and professional services, while adhering to excellence and ethics in the electrical industry.

The MEA thoroughly checks the qualifications and credentials of electricians who apply to become Master Electricians. The electrician must have their trade licence, as well as:

  • At least three years experience in the electrical industry
  • Proof that they have implemented an approved safety management system

They must also offer knowledgeable energy efficiency advice to their clients and a 12 month guarantee on the work they perform. The MEA will also check for adherence to the Master Electricians Australia Code of Conduct.

In order to keep their membership, Master Electricians must pass strict annual safety and quality audits. The MEA will also follow up any customer complaints, and accreditation can be revoked if necessary.

Why become a Master Electrician?

Electrical work can be very dangerous, and customers need to be assured that they will not be subjected to hazards due to substandard electrical work. The MEA is a way of monitoring the industry and helping consumers to make informed choices about the electricians that they use. Members of the MEA can proudly say that they deliver the highest standards of quality, electrical safety, energy efficiency advice, and integrity. This can set you apart from other electricians and provide customers with a reason to choose you.