Josh’s Thoughts: Be Wise, Enjoy the Journey and a Formula for Repeat Business

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Every week, our founder and CEO Josh Nicholls shares his thoughts on Platinum, running a business, and life in general, with our network and our company Facebook forum. We think they’re so insightful, we’d like to share them with our blog readers too. Here’s a collection of Josh’s thoughts from November and December. 

Our Job as Business Owners

8 December 2014

Hi Everyone,

This week I have two thoughts! Firstly, as we are now a couple of weeks out from Christmas make sure you start getting into the Christmas spirit now, so many times you work your ‘backside’ off leading up to the end of the year and before you know it, Christmas Day has come and gone and you’re already in work mode, focusing on the new year. Enjoy this time of year as it comes and goes so quickly.

Secondly, I received the below and thought the wisdom was too good not to forward on…

Some Wisdom from Brad Sugars

There’s only one reason to be in business. To create profit.

If there is no pressure, there is no growth.

Business truly is a simple thing. That doesn’t mean it is easy.

The two most powerful words in the English language when combined together are “I am.”

My definition of a business is a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without me.

If success were easy, then everyone would be doing it.

You are not a human having or a human doing – you are a human being. Who you are is vital to what you do and what you will have.

I believe that our job as business owners is not to be a specialist but to be a generalist. To be good enough in all areas of your business so that you can ask the right questions of the people you employ to run that segment of your business.

Your business will only grow as much as you do.

Chat soon,


The Importance of Sleep

1 December 2014

Hi Everyone,

The importance of sleep…

As business owners we all live very busy lives, some of us manage to squeeze exercise in before we start our day, then do business all day, come home and do family time and then go out multiple nights a week for functions, ie. dinner dates, social hobby interest groups, Church meetings etc.

We talk about living a balanced life, which is all of the above, but my challenge today for you all is: are we doing the above with the right alertness & energy levels?

Sleep is so important for so many reasons. I was actually shocked when I started to research into sleep and the health benefits associated, to the point that I’m actually going to make a conscious decision myself to now get to bed by a certain time!

Google topics around sleep if you want to be Wow’d by how important it is.

Sleep well!


Formula for Referrals and Repeat Business

26 November 2014

Hi Everyone,

My question to you all today is this, are you a no-nonsense, make it happen person?

Over the last couple of weeks I have had to travel a fair bit and you notice quite quickly from dealing with a lot of retailers the lack of ‘providing with ease’.

We all know what we expect of others but are we giving to others what we expect? Yes, I’m talking about one of the many processes of customer service, are you making it happen with a smile and with ease so the client feels ‘WOW’? Are you really?

Answering this correctly and without emotion can be done easily by looking at your reporting, how’s your referrals and client rank looking for the last six months?

Here is a little Josh formula for you all: WOW Customer Service + Smiling – Advertising = Referrals & Repeat Business

Chat soon


Enjoying the Journey

10 November 2014 

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to talk about appreciating life as it occurs or enjoying the journey.

Recently a family member passed away suddenly – here one day and seeming healthy, the next day gone. It made me reflect on what really are the important things in life. Suddenly all the issues I thought I had seemed insignificant. I heard a great line the other night for people that are starting to lose their joy, the presenter stated that you begin to lose your joy when you focus on yourself. If you want to regain your joy and enjoy the journey, start helping someone else in need or do something that takes the focus off yourself.

Don’t let life go by without appreciating every single day, telling your loved ones you love them, spending quality time with those you care about and again, removing fear and worry out of your life as it does absolutely nothing other than slowing you down to your destiny.


Be Counted Among the Wise

4 November 2014

Hi Everyone,

This week’s thought is from a Proverb I recently read as follows:

Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise. Many are the plans in a person’s heart… Proverbs 19:20-21

It rang a bell with me. Being wise is all about remaining teachable and remaining humble enough to accept the teaching. Notice here it says ‘listen’ to advice but ‘accept’ discipline. Are we as business owners and leaders putting ourselves in a position where we can ‘accept’ discipline? This can be harder than it sounds, but if we can keep ourselves humble enough and also keep ourselves accountable to trusted people as our plans in our heart change, we can keep on the right track and be counted among the wise.

Deep, I know!

Enjoy the Melbourne Cup