How Using a Commercial Electrician Can Help You Attract More Tenants

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If you work in real estate or are a property developer, then you likely have experience in seeing many different types of suppliers assist in servicing your properties. From handy people and plumbers to electricians, the tradies you select for your business reflect highly for both current and potential tenants.

Doing your research before selecting tradespeople or trade companies to keep on your books is a good idea; after all, you’ll be working closely with these people, and fostering a transparent and professional relationship is important. They are an extension of your real estate or property business, so you’ll want to choose people who embody your company’s values to represent you.

You may have overlooked an important key in the solution to this – hiring a commercial electrician. There are many good reasons to choose an established franchise, including lowered service costs, properly vetted technicians, and the ease of dealing with a single company who do the hard work for you.

Before you go dialing the first Google search for ‘Local Electricians’, you might want to consider our top reasons why hiring a commercial electrician can save you time, money and energy in the long run.

They can improve the energy efficiency of your building

You are probably familiar with the Star Ratings on electrical appliances; basically the more stars an appliance has, the more energy efficient the product is. With the help of a professional electrician, this concept can go from hoover to home and improve the energy efficiency of an entire building or dwelling. Improved energy efficiency means fewer repairs and lower electricity bills for your tenants.

With rent and mortgage repayments already sky high, we are always looking for new or easy ways to stay within our budgets. Lowered bill prices are very attractive to tenants, and can be easily added to your schpiel of why they should choose to move into one of your properties.

They can help to keep your tenants safe

Safety should always come first, and a licensed electrician can assist in finding potential hazards or suggestions for improved security and comfort, such as emergency lighting. Your Sparky will have a good understanding of the current security climate and which products will work best for your property.

Residents will feel safer knowing that in common areas (or when they arrive home late at night), either CCTV will be filming or automatic lights are ready to light their way.

They can make your building more attractive to tenants

There’s no way around it; humans have a fascination with lights. We love when they light up, change colour or flash, almost as though we are hypnotised by them. Honing in on this, a commercial electrician will be able to assist you in creating a welcoming or stylishly dramatic entrance to light up your property.

Imagine how much more attractive your residences would be to potential tenants with a lit up staircase or gorgeous, soft garden lights!

It’s not just about aesthetics either, and your commercial electrician will be able to install indoor lighting that effectively lights a room. This can also be a lifesaver to those with poor visibility, ensuring that with good lighting they are not doing any further deterioration to their eyes.

Regular maintenance helps to retain existing tenants

The best part about hiring a commercial electrician for the job is that the company is easy to contact when you need them. You’ll be able to work with the same tradesperson through the terms of both your employments, meaning they’ll get to know your preferences and you theirs. When tenants see a good working relationship between real estate and trade, they can relax knowing that if something does go wrong, their dedicated electrician is not far away.

Commercial electricians will have on their books which tradesperson you usually deal with and can put you in touch with them right away. This means no more having to scroll through your contacts or play phone tennis with unreliable or busy sole traders.

Investing in a commercial electrician

It’s not just homes that need electrician services – businesses also benefit from a mutual relationship with a commercial electrician. This is particularly beneficial to big companies with multiple locations, as a commercial electrician generally has tradespeople in different areas. This means you’ll be able to service multiple sites through the one electricity company, instead of having to manage several different contractors yourself.

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