Three Good Reasons to Use a Professional Electrician

Posted in: Electrical Tips for Business

Hopefully, most of us know that fooling around with electricity is dangerous. While some people may fancy themselves as a ‘backyard’ or ‘weekend’ electrician, for electrical services to be carried out safely, the expertise of a professional electrician should always be accessed.

Working with electricity is of course very serious and potentially hazardous. So just like you would contact a plumber to do your plumbing for you, you should hire an electrician to do your electrical work for you.

The fact that electricity and electrical work is so dangerous that it can injure, harm or kill is a big enough reason to show why an electrician should complete electrical tasks. However, a range of other good reasons exist to show why a professional electrician should always be used…

#1: Professional electricians keep up to date with the laws and conditions that apply to electrical services work. These laws are regularly changed and altered and often impose limits on the types of jobs that unqualified electricians or homeowners are permitted to carry out. It is also the case that particular types of installation work require an electrician to carry them out and/or particular types of installation work that have to be certified when they are completed.

Using a professional electrician also provides the advantage that particular types of work that need to be approved by a local authority can quickly and comprehensively be assessed by the electrician who will then appropriately notify the relevant body and certify the work once it has been done. If a professional electrician is not used, precious time can be wasted as the necessary processes are followed and bureaucracy is negotiated.

#2: Professional, qualified and certified electricians have the knowledge and expertise to provide electrical services to a high standard – the standard you would and should expect. But, more than this, professional electricians know how to work safely. People should never assume that switching off the power supply, taking out the pertinent fuses and/or testing that the supply is actually switched off is enough. Electricians have knowledge of how to completely and securely create a safe situation for working with electricity. Furthermore, electricians have the skills and knowledge that enable safe working practices with a range of tools and electrical components.

#3: Although those who are into ‘DIY’ (Do It Yourself) home maintenance may believe that they know all of the details needed to effectively and safely carry out an electrical job, professional electricians have far more extensive knowledge and understanding that includes:

  • Regulations (and how current they are)
  • Industry changes (this could include: colour changes of cables cores, required types of circuit breakers)
  • The need to advise and possibly seek the approval of local authorities
  • Techniques for removing flooring in ways that ensure safety and minimal disruption and inconvenience
  • Precise locations for drilling to fit cables in wall cavities
  • The optimal locations and techniques for fitting cables
  • The size and thickness of the cables that should be used
  • For fuses and circuit breakers, the size that should be used
  • The number of sockets that can be supplied from one fuse.

For something as important as the electrical work and wiring of your home or business, it would be incredibly foolish to leave this to an amateur or anyone unqualified. All electrical services should be carried out by a qualified and skilled electrician in order to best guarantee safety and efficiency.