Better Energy Efficiency Means More Business Profits

Posted in: Electrical Tips for Business


Firms can significantly boost their profits by being more energy efficient. However, they need to take the issue as seriously as other corporate matters such as business development or IT, if they are to make real savings.

A board member or senior executive needs to be given responsibility for driving the issue and measurable targets should be set.

Many technologies already exist that can make almost all electricity consuming processes more energy efficient.

Unfortunately, energy efficiency has a bad reputation because it’s currently seen as an ineffective burden rather than a way to improve profits. There are many managers in companies that are aware of the profit improving potential of energy efficiency measures but they are often unable to convince their superiors to take action.

While energy may only be a small proportion of some business’ costs it often represents a large portion of ‘controllable costs’. As a result, businesses that take on the issue can see real improvements to their bottom line.