The Dangers of Old Electrical Wiring

Posted in: Electrical Tips for the Home

Your electrical wiring plays a huge role in providing you with all of those great modern conveniences in your home, but if your home has been around for more than 10 or 20 years, your wiring may in fact be starting to pose a significant risk. The following takes a brief look at some of the dangers associated with old electrical wiring.

Easily overloaded

Considering people back in the day didn’t use a lot in the way of electrical appliances, the wiring systems weren’t designed to handle a lot, so when it comes to an old wiring system trying to handle the huge amount of electrical appliances that we use today, it will often mean it becomes quickly overloaded. The danger of overloading your electrical wiring is twofold, in that firstly it will probably be unable to handle the workload and simply shut down, and secondly, as your wiring struggles to cope it will heat up more and more, increasing the risk or a fire.

Deteriorating protection

Up until a few generations ago, most electrical wiring used a rubber protective coating for the wires, which over time deteriorates and crumbles away, leaving the wire exposed and increasing the chance of fire. Today’s wires are coated in PVC, which poses a far smaller risk of deteriorating and leaving exposed wires, so if your home was built anytime before the ‘80s, you might want to look into getting it rewired.

Outlet shortage

Old electrical wiring for homes was designed based on a far smaller need for electricity, often meaning that older homes can prove a bit of a challenge when it comes to getting all of your power needs met, frequently requiring the extensive use of power cords. Power cords should only ever be used for short-term situation, as they pose a significant safety risk, so rather than have to navigate all of those cords everyday, bite the bullet and get your home rewired, as it will be the safest thing for everyone who lives at your house.

It won’t pass inspection

Even if you aren’t experiencing any issues with your wiring, if your wiring is old and you are planning on selling your home one day, it won’t pass inspection until you have the wiring redone. Today’s safety standards are far higher than those of the ‘50s or even the ‘80s, so if you are thinking of selling, talk to your local electrician about what would be involved in having the rewiring done.

The only way to be 100 per cent sure that the electrical wiring in your home isn’t posing a risk to you and your family is to have a qualified electrical services come in and inspect it for you every year or two. It is just a matter of time before old electrical wiring starts to become a nuisance and even a serious fire danger, so make sure you are safeguarding your home by having the most up-to-date wiring system available. Don’t let the fact that your wiring is hidden keep it from being inspected and kept up to date.