How to Choose a Good Industrial Electrician

Posted in: Electrical Tips for Business

You would probably expect that choosing a good industrial electrician is the same as choosing any type of electrician. In a sense, you would be correct, but at the same time you need to be aware of the types of skills that an industrial electrician has and the type of training they undertake to get where they are in their profession or trade.

Industrial electricians work in specialised environments and, over time, either by training or through experience on the job, have specific, deep knowledge of particular electrical installations and types of equipment. Some examples would be robotics and other highly specialised electrical equipment that might be used in the mining or manufacturing industry.

In some cases an industrial electrician might choose to specialise in the area of, for example, the motor vehicle industry. As you would probably be aware every new model of vehicle produced these days has new and specialised electrical equipment and naturally this requires highly specialised technical expertise to install, repair and maintain.

It is in this type of environment that an industrial electrician plies his or her skill making them stand apart from what you would otherwise classify as a household electrician. Although all electricians go through the same basic training and apprenticeship, those who go on to specialise in these industrial areas usually exclude themselves from run-of-the-mill maintenance work.

So what are the characteristics of a good industrial electrician that might make choosing one easier for you?

Let’s take a look at some of the things to look out for.

  • Good industrial electricians have the experience and knowledge and, most importantly, the training required to work with highly specialised pieces of electrical equipment. It is especially important to check that their training is of sufficient depth to be able to efficiently and effectively work with the equipment required.
  • Although the work of these electricians is highly specialised, they still have to work as part of an overall team. For this reason they should always possess the capacity to communicate well and be a good team player so that they can work as part of a harmonious work environment. There is no room for prima donnas in any workplace and, although their specialisation might make them stand apart from other tradespeople, it is vital that an industrial electrician can work with all types of support staff as well as other trades and professionals.
  • Working as part of an overall team is one thing, but specialised team members such as industrial electricians should also be able to communicate effectively with customers where necessary. It has to be borne in mind that it is the customer who ends up paying the bills, so harmonious relationships with customers is a vital part of any business and as the front line operator, an industrial electrician needs to fill the role with aplomb.

Naturally, every work environment has a particular skill requirements and supervisors need to be careful to ensure that the industrial electrician they choose ticks every box not just those listed above.