Celebrating Christmas in Your Workplace

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As the holiday season approaches, many Australian businesses begin to wind down their activity.  It’s important for employers to recognise that Christmas can be a stressful time for some workers, as they may have high expenses, and family or religious responsibilities, alongside trying to cram a lot of work in before the end of the year. Bringing a little Christmas cheer to the workplace is a great way to help improve morale, maintain productivity, and grease the social wheels of the workplace.

Bah, humbug! Why bother?

While some employers may view Christmas as an unwelcome and unnecessary distraction, with employees daydreaming and chatting about their holiday plans instead of getting on with work, it’s best to let these thoughts go. Employers should understand that Christmas is a tradition for the majority of Australians, and a celebration that’s deeply ingrained in the Australian culture. Any attempt at a ban on Christmas cheer would lead to disgruntlement and could potentially harm your reputation as an employer and business.

Even though Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday in Australia, there may be some people that dislike it or are even offended by it. As an employer, you should make sure that everyone is comfortable celebrating and encourage employees to express any concerns.

Christmas decorations

These can add festive cheer to any workplace, and they’re a great way for employees to express their creativity. The only limitations here are that decorations should be tasteful, appropriate for the workplace, and must not pose a safety hazard or cause an obstruction.

Having a Christmas tree (or two) at work is an option to consider. There are two variations you can have: the standard traditional tree, and a so-called “giving tree” (under which management and employees can donate gifts to charity). Don’t forget that Christmas trees are the leading cause of household fires in December, so make sure whatever you put up is safe!

Planning the Christmas party

Apart from knock off time on the last day, the office Christmas party is an event that is often looked forward to with anticipation. Make it an exciting event and hype it up so everyone is already in a good mood by the time it arrives. Here are a few tips to make sure it all runs smoothly:

  • Plan it well in advance. A disorganised party is a boring party.
  • Be mindful of laws, particularly regarding the responsible service of  alcohol.
  • Provide transport if necessary.
  • Organise it within your budget so that people don’t have to fork out their own money.
  • Keep the festivities discrete – if you’re holding your work Christmas party at a public venue, you should be mindful that surrounding patrons may be aware of your brand/company, so you should make sure that you represent yourselves in a positive way.

Celebrate with a corporate fun day

When well planned, these office-days-out can be a huge success. And what better way to celebrate Christmas than granting everybody a day off from their regular duties to participate in a day of fun at a place other than work? The options are endless… think go-karts, laser tag, mini golf, or a company barbecue / picnic.

Be as imaginative as you like in planning activities. Well chosen activities are good for fostering team spirit and cohesiveness, and celebrating all that your company has achieved in the past year.

The value of Christmas

Whatever your thoughts on Christmas, it’s hard to deny that Christmas time embodies the spirit of community and provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with those we care about most.

A festive and cheery workplace should ultimately be considered a reward to your employees for their hard work throughout the year. It provides you with an easy, inexpensive way to earn employee loyalty, bond with coworkers and have them keen to return to work in the new year.