Business Need to Cut Down on Energy Use? Check Out these 3 Tips with a Difference

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Does your business need to lower its energy use? This can be a good move not only to cut down on the electricity bills but it also helps the environment.

Bill Ritter, the director of the Center for the New Energy Economy at Colorado State University,explained three key measures that can have a significant impact.

1. Participate in local energy schemes

People should participate in energy efficiency schemes run by their local power companies and state authorities. Many power companies offer incentives for consumers to take up these schemes and change the way they use energy.

2. Compare energy usage

People should understand how much energy they are using relative to other businesses. Behavioral research shows that people are often driven to change when their energy use is contrasted with their peers. It’s believed this taps into their competitive urge.

3. Lobby law makers

Law makers should be lobbied to invest in energy efficiency programs. New markets for energy efficiency are often driven by initial action taken by regulators. These can include more eco-friendly building codes and energy efficiency ratings schemes.