The Benefits of Hiring a National Electrician for Your Business

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National electricians offer a combination of local knowledge and know-how with the capabilities and efficiency of a national network. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits to your business when you hire a national electrician for your electrical needs.

A single point of call

Managing contractors can be a pain, and juggling contact details is just the start. Sometimes, you’ll spend more time interviewing and vetting contractors than they will getting the actual work done.

If you’re looking for value and consistency across the board, a national provider can make your life easier. Get information faster, and book a contractor easily from the same phone number, no matter what area you’re in.

Consider the following scenario:

You’re managing a site where the project has experienced delays due to weather. The electrical work has been pushed back. Now, when you contract your local sparky, he’s no longer answering his phone.

Has he shut up shop? Is he on holidays? You were relying on him for his local connections. Now you have to start scouring the area for another electrician, and hope that they are available, capable and knowledgeable.

When you use a national electrician, everything changes. You’ll never have to worry about electricians going on holidays or missing deadlines, as there will always be someone available to cover their time.

That’s because a single point of call is the start of something better. Instead of digging through your phone or address book for the right number, it’s always there at your fingertips, no matter where you are, with a brilliant customer service team ready to help you however they can.

No more juggling accounts

If your business is ambitious, then you probably look for opportunities wherever they present themselves. Often that can mean juggling a never ending flow of paperwork, invoices, receipts and credit notes. Wouldn’t it be simpler (and more cost effective) to streamline your invoicing needs with single providers?

When you use a national provider like Platinum Electricians, all your invoicing runs through a single account. Regardless of if you hire electricians in Perth or Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, you’re only dealing with a single account manager who can provide you with consistent and accurate information about outstanding jobs, and your accountants will be happy having to reconcile the endlessly inaccurate and opaque invoices from other providers.

When you have an account with Platinum Electricians, you’re getting expert knowledge, not just from our electrical technicians, but also from our service and back office staff. A diverse range of options, streamlined to make your life easier with every job.

Consistently high delivery

Dealing with sole traders can be like rolling the dice when it comes to quality and consistency. If your business demands a certain level of fit and polish to their jobs (and what business doesn’t?) inconsistent delivery can play havoc with the end product. Ultimately, this leads to a substandard experience for both you and your customers.

A national provider makes consistency their mantra. You’ll receive a level of service that is to the same level of quality regardless of which technician or office you’re dealing with. That’s because national providers have stricter hiring policies and better training programs for a more integrated approach to electrical works.

At Platinum Electricians, we also believe we’re always learning and improving. Our franchises share information on the latest technology and techniques, and always strive to do better for you.

Local franchise, local service

One of the common misconceptions in dealing with national providers is that they don’t have the local knowledge to provide expert local knowledge. In most situations, that’s simply not the case.

Local franchises are run and staffed by local people. Each franchise has it’s own team of community minded office staff, electricians and managers. Because they’re part of a national network, they also benefit from a more professional back office environment, shared services and access to the latest technology, all while retaining the local touch.

For the customer, than means the best of both worlds. A consistent, high level of service delivery and ease of account maintenance coupled with local techs and office staff who know the lay of the land (and the best places to source quality materials).

Experience and expertise

National providers are better positioned to source experienced professionals and build relationships with other national providers. This expertise stretches beyond the delivery of electrical services. Your national provider could not only save you the time of dealing with multiple contractors, they can help you connect with other industry leaders and elevate your entire project capability.

A proven track record

National electrical service providers have an accessible track record thanks to their larger footprint in the public consciousness. While a single operator might be able to get away with substandard or inconsistent work and rely on the ‘testimonials’ of a few select clients, national providers are under far more scrutiny, and in turn must employ business practices that ensure customer satisfaction.

National providers also service larger clients with stricter requirements and processors. Even as a small business, you can receive the same level of quality and consistency in service as a larger enterprise.

Save time and money

From streamlined accounting to better service delivery, national providers offer a more transparent and consistent experience designed to keep you and your business on track, under budget and within scope. Contact your national electrician to find out how you can simply the way you hire contractors, regardless of where you are, and where you’re going.