Are Solar Panels Suitable For My Business?

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Solar energy is one way to power your business while reducing your carbon footprint. Utilizing solar panels will result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy costs, and provide your business with a more responsible image, making you stand out from other companies.  

3 reasons you should use solar power for your business

1. Reduce your electricity bill by 75%

Solar panels are far more affordable these days with government incentives and a decrease in solar equipment costs. On average, a solar energy system installation will cost around $4000 with the government rebate. If you’re a business owner, now is a good time to invest in solar energy.

Besides the short-term financial benefits, solar panels deliver long-term energy and cost-efficiency. Solar panels will significantly reduce and even eliminate your business’ electricity bill. According to EnergySage marketplace data, the average commercial property owner will reduce their electricity bill by 75% after switching to solar energy.

In this report, the average commercial property owner paid $1,950 in monthly electricity bills before going solar. Once solar panels were utilized, they were paying just around $500. Having a solar system installed is the equivalent to prepaying for almost 40 years of energy but at the fraction of what you’re currently spending on your traditional power bill.

A great return in investment, the priciest part about solar panels is the installation – after that, it will require little to no maintenance at all. Most solar energy systems carry a 25-year warranty and guarantee you a quiet and clean energy source for that entire length of time.

On top of this, you can currently get tax incentives for your solar panels, claiming them as a capital improvement if you own your premises. If you lease your premises, you can claim your solar panels as a leasehold improvement.

2. Reducing carbon footprint

‘Carbon footprint’ along with greenhouse gases, and the greenhouse effect are all terms referring to our impact on the environment. Carbon dioxide emissions are released into the atmosphere through man-made activities such as electric cooling & heating, driving, and burning of fossil fuels. These harmful emissions trap and hold heat in the atmosphere by absorbing infrared radiation.

This increase of heat in the earth’s atmosphere leads to global warming, which negatively affects the earth’s climate and weather patterns. As a business, you can greatly affect change and make an impact by switching to solar energy by reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar energy is classed as green energy partly because of its ability to generate power without producing harmful emissions. Climate change is a major talking point at the moment and is an issue of critical importance to businesses large or small.

Understanding your company’s carbon footprint will help you to identify the major source of greenhouse gas emissions, allowing you to effectively measure and reduce it. Since the bulk of energy use in a commercial business is during daytime hours, solar panels are a perfect solution since your business can reap the full benefits of energy generated by the sun.

By utilizing solar energy during the day, you are buying significantly less power from the grid and effectively reducing power costs significantly.

3. Differentiate yourself from the competition

Sustainability isn’t only beneficial for the earth’s environment, but for the status of your business too. By harnessing greener energy alternatives such as solar panels, your business can express its participation in the battle against climate change. This not only serves as a great PR and marketing tool but also gives your business an overall responsible image.

Customers can believe in your services more if you demonstrate your responsibility and awareness toward global social issues such as the environment. Many customers and communities are more likely to invest in the services of a business who are environmentally-conscience.

It’s been stated that 30% of consumers plan to increase their spending at socially-responsible businesses. People like businesses that show some ‘heart’, as it makes them more accessible to customers and tells them ‘they care for the environment, so they will care about me too!’

Improve the energy efficiency of your business

If you’re an owner of a business, investing in solar panels is a more efficient and environmentally-conscious option for running your overhead expenses. Not only are solar energy systems more affordable now than ever, but they are also a great investment in improving the image and carbon footprint of your business.

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