9 Ways for Your Business to Encourage Initiative

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What you experience as a customer is a direct result of what goes on ‘in’ a company. You can’t fake culture and values, so for us at Platinum our core values are not just pretty slogans – they’re what we actually what we live by.

One of our core values is ‘Have a go. Make the call.’ Here’s how we live this out and how you can take initiative too.

What does it mean to “have a go”? To come up with ideas and then overcome obstacles to make them happen? It is an important value for to have as a business leader or even as an employee.

Usually in the business world this is called ‘taking initiative’, and initiative is highly prized by companies on the lookout for a competitive edge. In some cases, employers view it as a bigger asset than years of experience or technical expertise.

It’s about being proactive rather than reactive, and identifying and actively pursuing goals that will benefit you if you are the business owner, or your employer if you are working within another company. With that in mind, here are 8 ways to take ownership and initiative in your role and more importantly, get excited about what you do, simply by showing some initiative at work.

Have a succession plan

If you’re going to show initiative and advance your promotion prospects, it needs to be in the field you want to make your career in. Having a goal and a succession plan will drive your initiative towards fulfilling your ideas. It may be upskilling your current role in a company or growing the business you own to create a leadership position that you are looking to reach and new positions for your employees.

Go Above and Beyond

Showing initiative is about going the extra mile, so don’t just do what is required or expected of you. Offer to help whenever it’s needed, take on additional work in your own time, and do the things nobody else wants to do. Having a ‘make it happen’ attitude when it comes to all types of work will help you stand out from the crowd.

Be a Team Player

Working as a team will result in ideas becoming reality with ease. Using the power of many is much better than the power of one. By becoming a team player, the initiative you show will benefit you and your team. Your business success will become your personal success; a win-win situation that will motivate you to take further initiative.

Share Your Ideas

Creating a culture of free information in a workplace is vital to let new ideas grow. If you accept ideas from all different sources, there will always be a point of view you haven’t thought of and a possible great to to improve your business. A thousand brilliant ideas are worth nothing if nobody knows about them. In order to take initiative at work, you need to share your ideas loud and clear whenever possible. Be an active participant in group discussions and if your ideas are practical and achievable, you will have a good chance of seeing them realised at some stage.

Become a Master of your Role

Personal development and education is vital in every single role you have. If you become a master of the skills required in your role, opportunities will become more clear and taking initiative will become easier. A great idea or a skill acquired through your own efforts and research can be kept until that perfect opportunity presents itself, then, offered up as the solution to a problem.

Be a Game Changer

You can’t make waves if you don’t take risks. Coming up with new ideas to improve procedures requires an intimate knowledge of how things are normally done in the first place. Once you comprehend the fundamentals, flip it on its head – create a point of difference for your business. Do something no-one else in your industry is doing!

Involve Your Team

Using different people in your team will bring a whole different skill set to your own to help execute your initiative. There will always be others who don’t see things the way you do and you can expect some opposition and criticism (constructive, hopefully) of your ideas. Don’t shy away from this as it can help you build an even better idea than your original one. Taking initiative means sticking to your guns and trying to convince others of the merits of a particular idea you truly believe in, but being diplomatic in the way that you go about it.

Make the Call

If your company encourages initiative, they’ll look favourably upon people who get on with tasks without waiting to be told. ‘Having a go’ is also about trying things the way you think they should be rather than asking a manager for confirmation all the time. Even if you think you don’t know how to do something, it can be worth trying – you never know what you might be able to achieve!

Encouraging initiative

Even if your workplace is not conducive to discussing ideas face-to-face, the very least a company should do is provide a way for its staff to make suggestions and share their ideas. This can be as simple as creating an email address, the modern equivalent of a suggestion box, where employees can send their ideas and receive feedback from management in due course. A company wishing to benefit from employee input needs to create a supportive working environment where everyone is encouraged to contribute.

Platinum Electricians prides itself on being a market leader in many different aspects of business. If you are looking to work for a company that thrives on employees with initiative, check out the employment opportunities we have in your area.