8 Tips To Motivate Yourself At Work

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It can be hard to get motivated when things require a little effort. Whether it’s work, exercise or your new year’s resolutions, motivation can be rather elusive – especially at your job. Feeling uninspired at work is nothing out of the ordinary, even if you love what you do.

It’d be unrealistic to expect to always get out of bed completely motivated to go and do something you do most of the time, most of the year. Don’t despair, though – there are certain tips and tricks you can focus on in order to be more motivated and effective at work.

1. Shift your focus on the things you can control

Let’s start this list on a positive note. There are many things in your life you can’t control. Even though it may be hard to actually pull it off, stop focusing on those things, and start focusing on the things you have control over. Our mind can quickly go to thinking how packed the train is every morning, or how you’d love to have a day off than deal with your boss’ expectations. Rather, learn to let go and think about what can you do to excel, and use your energy on how you can do better at your job.

2. Write down your goals

Now that you’re ready to focus on the things you do have control over, you can start writing them down. If you’re more of a writing-things-down type of person, get into a habit of writing down goals each day. It can be immensely satisfactory to tick those actions off the list when they’re done! Software like Things is great for keeping track of your work tasks, while Asana is great for managing large projects.

3. Celebrate your wins

Each time you do manage to tick an item off your list, make sure to celebrate your achievement. Sometimes we can take all the things we do for granted – but it’s important to recognise that you got the desired result because of your efforts. Celebrating your wins creates happiness, motivation and a circle of positiveness.

4. Take regular breaks

Sometimes you just want to get the work done and get home as fast as you can – but taking regular breaks can help you greatly when it comes to feeling more focused and motivated. Just make sure you leave your desk for at least 30 minutes, go outside for a walk, and breathe the fresh air. By the time you get back to your desk, you should be feeling more energised and focused. Giving yourself time to focus and embrace mindfulness at work goes a long way to keep yourself motivated.

5. Hang out with your colleagues outside the office

Even though it may seem a little overboard to spend time with your colleagues outside of work (whom you have to see everyday for most part of the day), it can actually be quite beneficial for feeling more motivated at work. Being around people who do similar work to yours may provide you with a new perspective and inspiration. In addition, befriending your colleagues in another context from work can increase your confidence around them, which goes a long way in strengthening your bond as a team. When you do feel unmotivated, having a supporting teammate will make a world of a difference.

6. Ask why

Because we do it all the time, going to work may seem like a very mechanical thing. So much so, that we may forget to ask ourselves why we do it. Asking “why?” lets you stay in touch with the reasoning behind your actions, or the vision or projection your work carries. Ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing, so you can identify your motivation and get things done at work.

7. Ask for feedback

While feedback can be scary, it’s completely necessary to improve and be better. We can’t always tell or be aware of what we’re lacking in our performance – so feedback is a great way to understand which areas we’re doing well in and which areas we could improve. The easiest way to get feedback is by asking your colleagues to evaluate you. Keep in mind that a bit of constructive criticism will go a long way in feeling more motivated and creating new challenges for yourself.

8. Use positive words

Positive words make for a positive environment – so refrain yourself from using negative ones. Each morning, say out loud what you want to achieve during the day, and use only positive words and positive encouragement.

When inspiration seems really lacking at work and you feel you’re not getting anything done, focus on some of the tips mentioned above for getting motivated. You might quickly find some positive changes happening and you’ll see how motivation kicks in and takes over. Remember to focus on the positives, set goals and challenges for yourself, and celebrate your wins – no matter how small they may seem!