6 Steps to Finding a Good Tradie

Posted in: Electrical Tips for the Home

Don’t wind up with a tradie horror story. Here are some tips for finding a good tradie fromnews.com.au.

  1. Make sure they’re qualified. Choose a contractor that is accredited by trusted industry bodies. If they’ve taken the trouble to get accredited, they’re more likely to be legitimate.
  2. Ask for references. Speak to the tradie’s former or current clients to be sure they’re up to the job. Find out about their skill level and work ethic.
  3. Get a proper quote. Ask for a detailed quote to limit the chance of miscommunication and future disputes. Ensure the quote features the contractor’s ABN or license number.
  4. Shop around. Source quotes from two to three contractors, especially for bigger jobs. Around $60 to $90 per hour is a normal rate range.
  5. Ensure the contract is in writing. A good contract makes it more likely the job will be completed as described, on budget and on time.
  6. Be a good customer. Be clear about what you want, be contactable when required and realise that changing your mind halfway through the job will likely add time and cost.