5 Ways a Commercial Contractor Can Improve Your Office Environment

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Commercial electricity needs can be complex, with many businesses requiring unique projects and repairs. A skilled commercial contractor is invaluable when it comes to meeting your needs and keeping your business operating seamlessly. A successful office needs to be reliable, so scheduling a commercial contractor to improve your office environment and efficiency is invaluable.

Here are five ways a commercial contractor can further meet your office or workplace needs.

1. Ensure preventative measures are taken

Interruptions can be costly to a business, especially ones that require immediate attention. In fact, estimates from recent research have found that interruptions and information overload result in up to 28 billion wasted hours a year! One of the main office complaints is the constant flow of people dropping by and stealing time with constant chatter or noise. A commercial contractor can help prevent these distractions by installing LED mood lighting or improved lighting fixtures to help boost productivity and concentration. Poor lighting can compromise work performance, making it hard to concentrate. Updating office lighting can therefore help to create an atmosphere of concentration. Technical failures and electrical issues such as outages can also wreak havoc on office productivity. A commercial contractor can prevent delays and distractions by ensuring all technical equipment is working correctly by troubleshooting power systems and repairing outdated or faulty electrical equipment.

2. Create a safer place to work

Work-related injuries impose a heavy cost on employers, workers and the community. Workplace injuries and disease cost the Australian economy $61.8 billion, with many of these accidents proving to be avoidable. Electrical equipment and power boxes can be hazardous if faulty or used incorrectly. The risk of electrocution or burns from mishandling electrical equipment can pose a dangerous threat to office workers. Commercial contractors help create a safer place to work by organising electric cables and preventing cable clutter, as well as handling electrical infrastructure, installations and repairs. When you hire a professional commercial contractor, you can be confident in knowing that all wiring will be installed correctly and that all electrical equipment will be monitored for safety and meet workplace safety requirements.

3. Can save lives during an emergency

Commercial contractors help to save lives during an emergency. Installing, maintaining and monitoring fire alarms and security systems means that all alarms will be responsive and audible in times of an emergency. Exit and emergency light inspection is also carried out by a commercial contractor, helping save lives in dangerous situations.

If there’s a fire or power outage, workers can navigate the building through the illuminated exit signs and stand-by lighting which is installed and maintained by a commercial contractor. In accordance with the Australian Standards, emergency lighting systems must be certified every six months. These tests are carried out by a commercial contractor and help to identify damaged equipment, exposed wires, dead batteries, and broken or malfunctioning light bulbs. These preventative measures can potentially save lives.

4. Can reduce your energy bill

High energy bills and output can be detrimental to businesses and the environment. Using energy-efficient lighting reduces electrical consumption and minimizes long-term energy costs. Installing energy-saving light bulbs (like compact fluorescent bulbs) uses 75% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. These bulbs not only reduce your office energy costs, but also generally require less maintenance than traditional bulbs. This means you can change lightbulbs less often, reducing maintenance costs. A commercial contractor can also install timers or light sensors designed to switch off when the room or office isn’t in use. Older electrical equipment can also use a lot of power. A commercial contractor can help conduct an audit on all equipment and replace energy-guzzling equipment with more efficient appliances.

5. Improve the look and feel of the office

Many offices and workplaces can look a little sterile. Harsh lighting and colours can make it hard for workers to concentrate or feel motivated to work. In fact, a study revealed that 68% of employees were dissatisfied about the lighting in their offices.

Lighting is an important aesthetic aspect, creating atmosphere and improving the office environment. Dull lights can cause sleepiness and impair concentration, while harsh lighting can cause eye strain or trigger migraines. A commercial contractor can not only help to fit new lighting bulbs and fixtures but also recommend suitable lights, floor lamps, mood lighting and more to best complement an office. They will also know where to source the best products from reliable sources.

A final word on office improvements

If you’re looking to improve the office environment within your workplace, a commercial contractor can help. Not only is a qualified contractor competent in sourcing suitable lighting fixtures to complement an office, but they also ensure the safety and efficiency of your workplace. Hiring a commercial contractor to take care of your electrical equipment will save you money and boost office efficiency while ensuring you meet safety requirements while reducing energy wastage.

Improve your office

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