4 Professionals Electricians Should Outsource To

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As an electrician dealing with non-core activities can take time, resources, and focus away from your revenue-generating activities. Outsourcing provides a solution to this. Outsourcing involves hiring a third-party provider to handle specific business functions for you, and there are some key activities electricians should consider outsourcing.

7 reasons electricians should outsource

For an electrician, the key reasons to outsource could include the following:

  • Faster and higher quality service – Outsourcing partners focus on a particular skill, and this means you could get faster and higher quality service from outsourcing a service than getting your own employees to do it.
  • Access skills – You can access the right expertise without hiring specialised staff members.
  • Access resources – With outsourcing partners, you free up internal resources to concentrate on what you do best while leveraging your partner’s resources.
  • Flexibility – You can scale up a temporary workforce to support your business needs.
  • Cost effectiveness – Working with outsourcing partners can help you to reduce overhead costs whilst lowering the price of labour and materials.
  • Focus on core business activities – Outsourcing leaves you time to concentrate on your core business activities.
  • Reduce risk – Outsourcing could reduce operational risk and allow you to share risk with partners.

4 professionals electricians should to outsource to

So outsourcing could deliver real benefits for your business, but what are the key areas you should consider outsourcing as an electrician and why?

1. Bookkeeping

A bookkeeper maintains your financial records, usually by using accounting software. They’ll assist with recording all your transactions, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll where applicable. A bookkeeper might provide you with periodic reporting, and they track and make payments to your suppliers, send out invoices, and do bank reconciliations.

A bookkeeper can monitor your incomings and outgoings plus highlight any potential issues. They can also help you lodge tax statements like your Business Activity Statements. In addition to partnering with your bookkeeper, you might also outsource to an accountant for your more complex tax, financial, and compliance needs.

As an electrician, you’ll likely find a contractor bookkeeper indispensable as they help monitor your finances and avoid costly mistakes. In addition, outsourcing your bookkeeping is a good idea because of the skilled nature of the work, and the detail and accuracy needed for tax and compliance reporting. A bookkeeper could work on site or off site with data you send them.

2. Virtual assistant

Your administrative processes are essential for your business operations, but typically they don’t generate significant revenue or drive growth in contrast to your core business activities. By outsourcing administrative tasks to an outside provider, you and your team can better focus on providing your core business activity – electrical services.

Virtual assistants can perform a huge variety of administrative tasks, including data entry, research, calendar management, bookings, travel arrangements, customer service chats and emails, and transcriptions. They can assist with taking notes, updating social media, and editing and proofreading. Reliable mobile software allows you to easily outsource these tasks to virtual assistants at an hourly rate that’s lower than a full-time staff member’s rate.

As an electrician, there might be things you’ll need to handle yourself; for example, detailed quotes for customers. However, your virtual assistant can help screen queries in the initial stages so you end up dealing with only the queries that need your attention.

So, in addition to the manual tasks mentioned above, you can break your processes into chunks and assign the unskilled chunks to your virtual assistant to save time and labour. This could help you save a considerable amount of time, speed up your processes, and reduce overhead costs.

3. Marketing

Marketing is another function to consider outsourcing if you’re an electrician. When things are slow you might have time to update your social media, share blog posts with leads, and manage your online advertising. However, when you’re in a busy period, doing your own marketing can become impossible – but you still need to ensure a steady volume of leads and sales to grow your business. This is where an outsourced marketing partner comes in.

Marketing also requires specialist skills and is an area that’s becoming more technical every day. For example, a marketing agency might design websites for you, optimise social media ads, and track the performance of your online campaigns. Your outsourced marketing partner can also assist with search engine optimisation, writing and designing marketing collateral, and meeting your customers wherever they’re found, whether it’s on social media, direct mail, or through online advertising.

As a busy electrician, you probably won’t have time to worry about things like consistent branding and lead generation, yet maintaining an in-house marketing team likely costs a lot of money. Outsourcing marketing enables you to get the right expertise without full-time employees.

4. Legal services

Your legal needs as an electrician could include things like setting up and business registration, complying with fair trading and codes of practice, and understanding how consumer laws could affect you. Your lawyer can help you draft and understand contracts with suppliers and customers, and assist you with being compliant with privacy, employment, and other laws.

If you’re ever involved in a dispute, legal services are vital for understanding your rights and obligations, and how to protect your interests.

As an electrician, your need for legal services might be irregular, and this means you probably don’t need to maintain a full-time in-house team. Outsourcing would allow you to get a range of expert advice without the cost of employing an in-house solicitor, which could be considerable.

Additionally, since a lot of lawyers and law firms operate on the outsource model where you can retain services according to demand, it’s easy for your electrician business to obtain the right type of expertise when needed. You could also use legal kits and legal marketplaces to minimise costs and supplement your outsourced legal services as well.

Improve your electrician service through outsourcing

As an electrician, you’ll want to focus on your core business activities rather than trying to do it all. Outsourcing your bookkeeping, administrative work, marketing, and legal services frees up labour costs and time while allowing you to leverage the skills and know-how of experienced partners. By concentrating on doing what you do best, you can enhance customer satisfaction and better support the growth of your business.

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