3 Things to Consider When Your Home Needs Electrical Work

Posted in: Electrical Tips for the Home

When you recognise a problem, or know that your home needs some electrical work done, it is important to call in the services of a qualified and highly skilled electrician. Only an electrician is licenced and adequately experienced to perform electrical services and comply with requirements and standards.

While this may seem obvious, far too many people attempt electrical repairs in their own homes. This is incredibly perilous and risky as electricity is immediately dangerous and must be treated with care and respect and only an electrician has completed the necessary training to do handle electricity safely and with confidence.

We need to stop and consider the fact that in this day and age, electrical work is more complex than ever. It is not just lighting and power to our appliances that is required. Our homes are filled with complex electrical systems and components ranging from computers and theatre systems to automated services and security systems. As a result of this complexity, the need for excellent electrical services is all the more vital.

When you know that you need electrical work done in your home, what factors should you consider?

1: Your budget

Unless a quote and your budget is discussed from the outset, your electrical task could become more expensive than you realise. To get a completely accurate picture of the expenses that are likely, you will need to factor in:

  • The fixtures or appliances that are needed
  • All necessary parts and materials
  • The labour that will be involved

Before your budget is finalised, it is a wise move to speak with an electrician. Rather than making guesstimates and hoping that your figure is close enough to reality, an electrician will be able to give you a more realistic idea of the expenses.

Of course, it is prudent to have a budget figure but then add a contingency to this…just in case any unexpected expenses creep in or an area of your budget surprisingly blows out.

2:  Research

Just as we often do a little background research to find out about the people that will provide services in all sorts of areas of our lives, it is good practice to undertake some research that will help you to feel comfortable with your decision to appoint a particular electrician.

You should feel comfortable:

  • Asking the electrician about their licence, the insurance that they hold and their professional development (including possible membership with professional bodies)
  • Finding out how long the electrician has worked in the trade and been with/in their current business
  • Check on references for work previously completed. (This can be a great way to gauge levels of satisfaction with an electrician’s work).

Instinct is also important and an electrician that takes the time to explain the job, provide a detailed quote that they are happy to discuss and issue a certificate of compliance will almost invariably make a great impression.

3:  Quote shopping

Following your research, ask a number of electricians to provide you with a quote for the work to be done. It is most often the case that quotes are provided free of charge.

You should expect to see a detailed quote that covers parts and materials required, time and labour costs and terms of trade.

Of course you will compare quotes, but in doing so, ensure that you compare like with like. It is only when you quotes are sufficiently detailed that you can ascertain whether the services on offer are comparable.

When the need arises for electrical work to be done in your home, there are a number of factors to consider. By asking the right questions and knowing what to expect from an electrician, you are best positioned to receive high quality repairs and the safe delivery of electrical services, as well as value for money.