A Guide to Finding a Trustworthy Electrician

People should be careful when choosing an electrician, according to build.com.au. The worst case scenario would be that an under-qualified worker does a poor job that results in injury or even death.

When choosing an electrician people need to consider what kind of work is being done, where the electrician is located and whether they are licensed and reliable. The electrician should be required to show their license before commencing work.
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4 Ways to Meet Your Legal Safety Requirements at Home

Every person has a legal obligation to ensure their home is electrically safe. According to NSW Fair Trading, there are a few key steps people can follow to ensure their property is safe for residents and visitors.

1. Schedule regular maintenance

It’s important to maintain appliances, wires, fittings and connections with regular maintenance by a qualified electrician. This is especially the case for homes that are over 25 years old.
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Building Industry Unhappy About Apprentice Wage Increase

Critics of the apprentice wage hike say it will deter builders from hiring apprentices at a time when a skills shortage looms in the construction sector, according to Sourceable’s Andrew Heaton.

However, unions have said the decision is a good move for skills and the economy.
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Finding a Good Electrician

Electrical work is dangerous and should only be carried out by a qualified electrician. There are a range of steps people can take to ensure they find the right person for the job.

1. Understand the job

By understanding what work needs to be done, it will be easier to find the right electrician for the job. Creating a list of jobs means the electrician can also complete them all in one visit, saving time and money.

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The Future of Energy Efficient Homes

New energy efficient homes allow people to radically reduce their environmental impact.

The Stevens Institute of Technology has created a new home called ‘The Empowerhouse’ in Washington, DC. It actually began as an entry into the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon competition. While lacking a background in building, the institute wanted to create a home that would employ cutting edge solar technology yet still be affordable and appealing to live in.

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10 Steps to Stay Safe Around Electricity

There are a range of steps people should take to stay safe from electrical risks around the home.

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Solar Will Overtake Traditional Energy by 2030

Stanford University Energy Academic, Tony Seba, believes that solar energy will surpass fossil fuels by 2030.

Seba’s somewhat controversial view have been endorsed by other industry experts who argue that once solar energy begins to be stored more effectively, traditional energy sources will not be able to compete.

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Home Renovations That Should Be Left To The Experts

There a variety of home renovation tasks that people would be wise to leave to the experts.


Decks are more difficult to build than many people think. They need to be well supported and built using treated wood that can withstand harsh weather and pests. The ledger board that connects the home to the deck also needs to be built so that it doesn’t trap water against the home and the footing needs to be secured with poured concrete. Stairs and ramps also need to be built at the correct incline and solid rails should to be included.

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Some Quirky Little Ways to Save Money

There are a range of little everday steps people can take to save more money, especially when it comes to energy bills.

1. Cook at home

Cooking at home means not having to pay extra for the rent, wages and profit margins of restaurateurs. People should invest in a basic cook book or some YouTube time to work out how to make meals they’ll enjoy. It’s also important to buy and cook in bulk to really save from cooking at home.

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How Does Testing and Tagging Electrical Equipment Work?

Electrical equipment used in commercial operations needs to be tested and tagged to ensure it is safe to use.

Testing can only be carried out by competent individuals with sufficient training and expertise to carry out the work. It is a crime for unqualified people to carry out repair work on electrical items.

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