6 Steps to Finding a Good Tradie

Don’t wind up with a tradie horror story. Here are some tips for finding a good tradie fromnews.com.au.

  1. Make sure they’re qualified. Choose a contractor that is accredited by trusted industry bodies. If they’ve taken the trouble to get accredited, they’re more likely to be legitimate.
  2. Ask for references. Speak to the tradie’s former or current clients to be sure they’re up to the job. Find out about their skill level and work ethic.
  3. Get a proper quote. Ask for a detailed quote to limit the chance of miscommunication and future disputes. Ensure the quote features the contractor’s ABN or license number. Click Here To Read More

What Jobs Require an Electrician?

Generally, any electrical work beyond changing a light bulb needs to carried out by a qualified electrician, according to build.com.au.

Although Australia is a DIY nation, the consequences of doing illegal electrical work can be deadly. House fires and electrocution are a genuine risk.

Electrical work needs to be carried out to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2007. These standards are very strict and help protect people and their property.

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Reviewers Praise New Smoke Alarm

Reviewers have had nothing but praise for the new smoke detector Nest Protect Smoke Alarm,according to Business Insider.

The device has fast acting motion sensors that can silence the alarm when needed, such as when it’s been triggered by burnt toast. You just need to persistently wave at the alarm but it is designed in such a way that children can’t turn it off.

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A Brief History of the Electrical Safety of Australian Workers

Many Australian workers take for granted the concept of being safe at work. However, this state has come about because of decades of hard work, explained pacetoday.com.au.


There was a time when employees were responsible for their own safety at work. While basic safety practices, such as the use of gloves and hard hats, have been in place since the early 20th century, electrical safety systems only became commonplace around 25 years ago.

Safety relays and presence sensing systems arrived in the late 1980s via imported European machinery.

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3 Steps to Finding a Good Electrician

Finding a good electrician is essential for keeping a house safe for its residents. Smartguy.com went over some of the essential steps to find a reliable contractor.

1. Create a list.

The list should outline all the electrical work that needs to be carried out at home. This will help you to decide the type of electrician you need while helping the electrician to provide an accurate quote.
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What to Look Out for When Doing DIY Around Electricity

If you’re doing some DIY work at home you need to pay particular attention to electrical outlets and equipment.

Here are some dangers to look out for when it comes to carrying out a home renovation:

Extension chords

Choose extension leads that are tailored to the power loading needed. They should have three prongs and meet Australian guidelines. Two prong leads are not earthed and so are inherently dangerous. If an appliance is faulty, power will flow through an attached user’s body rather than the ground.
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4 Quick Tips to Prepare for the Storm Season

Origin Energy provided these quick tips to get ready for the coming storms:

Electrical Safety

Electrical appliances should be unplugged during a storm. Always use a qualified electrician to repair any appliances damaged by rain or floods.
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The 3 Essential Safety Products for Your Home

Origin Energy outlined three of the most important safety products you need for your home:

Safety Switches

Safety switches prevent electrocution in the event of an electrical fault. They cut the power within a fraction of a second when needed. Safety switches should be installed by an electrical contractor and tested every three months using the test button. If the switch trips, there is likely a problem with the last appliance used in the home.
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What You Need to Know About Safety Certificates For Electrical Work

It’s important to ask for a compliance certificate after any electrical work is done. But what should you look for? Build.com.au explained.

For what work is it required?

After any kind of work, from installations to alterations, electrical contractors are required by law to issue safety certificates. These are known by different names in different states.
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If You Ever Have an Electrical Emergency Know these 6 Tips

Electrical fires are different to some other fires and need to be dealt with carefully, explained build.com.au. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind.
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