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How to Make Your New Home Energy Efficient

An energy-efficient home is one that minimises the amount of energy it consumes, the greenhouse gases it emits and the demands it makes on non-renewable resources. If you are building a new home and wish to make it as energy-efficient as possible, its design and the materials used in its construction will play a major role.

However, there are three other main areas where you can make a substantial contribution to your new home’s overall energy-efficiency: lighting, insulation and appliances.


Installing the latest energy-efficient lighting in your new home will save you a considerable amount on your energy bills, on average around $80 a year. When combined with natural light sources such as ‘smart’ windows, light tubes and skylights, the amount of energy you use for lighting will be greatly reduced. Types of energy-efficient lighting that you can install in your new home include:

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Adding Safer Power Boards to Your Home

Many Australian homes, particularly older homes, only have one or two electrical outlets per room, so power boards have become a popular way to accommodate the myriad of electrical appliances used every day by the average family. Some power boards are safer than others though and this article looks at the different types available and the features offered by each.

Generic power boards

These are basic power boards that you can usually pick up for under $10 and which provide outlets to plug your appliances into and nothing more. While conforming to Australian safety standards (must have an overload protection device), they have no surge protection and are merely an extension of the wall outlet.

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Great Power Saving Habits

People are finally starting to realise that power, energy and resources are not in unlimited supply, and that for the sake of the planet it is important that humans drastically reduce their consumption of energy. Apart from the environmental importance of using less power, finding ways to cut down your power usage can also save you a huge amount of money; so for the sake of the environment and your bank account, start developing some better power-saving habits. The following simple ideas all offer a great way to start, and you can ask your electrician for advice on more ways to cut your power usage.

Use lids

Whether you are boiling water or cooking a stew, using lids on those pots of yours will make far better use of your electricity, as well as save a significant amount of time on your cooking.

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Insulating Your Home for Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of your home is important for many reasons, such as saving money, using less resources, and being more comfortable in your home, so any chance you get to make some energy efficient upgrades should certainly be taken. There are even a number of government initiatives offering financial assistance for having energy-efficient upgrades done, so consider investing in some improvements at your place. The following are some of the key areas you need to think about when trying to make your home more energy efficient.

The attic

We all know that hot air rises, so if your home has an attic there is a good chance you are losing huge amounts of heat through it. Insulating your attic will allow you to maintain the warmth of your home without having to constantly have the heater running, saving you money and resources at the same time.

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Innovations That Make Our Homes More Environmentally Friendly

A lot has changed over the years in terms of how we design and build the places that we live. With the environment a bigger concern for people than ever before, our homes have gone from having a hugely negative impact on the environment to showcasing some amazing and earth friendly innovations. The following are some of the great innovations that have made our homes far more environmentally friendly places.


Gone are the days when it’s fine to just leave the lights on all the time, as we have finally realised that our energy sources and natural resources are not in unlimited supply. One of the most amazing innovations as far as saving energy has been the introduction of sensor based lighting, meaning that the lights will only stay on if there is someone in the room. This brilliant idea has taken the human element out of remembering to turn off unnecessary lighting and is taking care of conserving power for us. If you only make one upgrade to your home, call in your electrical contractor; Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane all have great professional electricians and getting them in to look at your place will be saving you both money and precious resources.

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Top 5 Strategies for Cutting Your Energy Bill

Household electricity bills are set to rise over the next few years to average around $2,400 per year for each Australian household. Cutting your energy bill can lighten household expenditure and reduce carbon emissions. These are the top five strategies for making your home energy efficient and reducing the impact of energy price hikes.

1. Lightbulbs

The humble lightbulb is often the best place to start. Switching to compact fluorescent bulbs can save the average household over a hundred dollars in energy bills every year. They’re also cost effective, lasting around 10 times as long as traditional lightbulbs. It’s been estimated that if every household in the US switched just one of their lightbulbs, they would save enough energy to keep 3 million homes lit for an entire year. If you have any doubt about old wiring for your lighting, contact professional electrical services for assistance.

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Top 7 Advantages of Going Solar

Solar energy is used by thousands of homes around Australia to generate renewable and clean energy. Although it’s a relatively new source of energy, it has been used in homes and businesses around the world with much success. In addition to reducing electricity bills, going solar presents many of other benefits. We look at the top advantages of going solar in more detail below.

Drawing on a Renewable Resource

Solar energy is a renewable resource. There’s no danger of depleting the sun’s rays by drawing on this effectively endless source of energy. Compared to gas, coal, and oil, solar is one of the most abundant and easily harvested energies on earth. Many professional electrical services can help you with a safe and thorough solar panel installation.

A Non-Polluting Technology

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7 Questions to Ask Before Buying Solar Panels

Going solar, whether at home or work, can bring enormous benefits. Making the switch to solar power can significantly reduce your energy bills and lighten your carbon footprint. There are professional electrical services who can assist you with choosing the right sized system and installation. Here, we look at some of the top questions to ask your dealer before committing.

1. Will this system suit my family’s electricity needs?

Providers should be able to help you identify the right sized system for your family’s electricity needs. You may want to show your past bills to your provider to assist them in determining the right sized solar panel system.

Ask them about how much power the system is expected to generate. If you have future plans for your home, for example, expanding the number of houses or adding more appliances, be sure to let them know.

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7 Things to Know About Energy Efficient Lighting

Most of us are incredibly concerned about the rising costs of electricity. Not only do we want to avoid being slugged excessive amounts for electricity costs, many of us also have a genuine concern about the environmental impacts of energy generation, consumption and wastage and wish to do more to behave in sustainable and economically sound ways.

Energy efficient lighting offers one of the most significant ways for a household to engender change, cost savings and environmental benefit. Many electricians will vouch for this fact and recognise the important ways that energy efficient lighting can result in significant energy savings.

Here we take a look at seven things that are certainly worth knowing about energy efficient lighting:

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Five Ways to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

In this day and age, and with good knowledge of the problems being experienced by our natural environment, many of us appreciate the need to reduce the impact that we have on the environment. We are increasingly made aware of ways to be more eco-friendly and environmentally responsible and understand the need to conserve natural resources.
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