Electrical Installations recipes

The Real Benefits of LEDs

There is plenty of misinformation surrounding Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) but people need to be informed about the facts before deciding on whether to use them.

LEDs are up to five times more efficient than standard bulbs and last for much longer. As a result, they use less power and do not create as much waste. They also don’t contain harmful mercury.

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Renovate Safely with these Electrical Tips

It pays to get a renovation right the first time so try to plan out your changes. Planning properly can also help you to avoid some of the risks, like making illegal alterations or being harmed from electricity. Follow these tips to ensure a safe and smooth home renovation:

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Avoid Winter Electrical Hazards

Electricians are warning the public to make electrical safety a priority as the cooler weather sets in and the electrical heating appliances come out.

Winter is a dangerous time, as increased use of heaters, electric blankets and lights leads to a rise in electrical faults. Heaters in dangerous positions and light bulbs that don’t match the wattage of their fittings are two major concerns at this time.

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Rewiring an Old Home for Preventative and Safety Measures

Who doesn’t love an old house, full of charm and personality? With today’s real estate flooded with brand new homes, we should cherish the beautiful, historic houses that ooze the ‘we’re home’ feel. However, heritage homes, no matter how beautiful they may look on the outside, pose quite the risk if their electrical wiring is old and run down on the inside. Old houses aren’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to invest your time and money to make it 100% safe; a heritage home is a great option. So how do you know that your historic home is as safe as it could be? These are some of the things you should consider.

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Three Important Features of Your Home’s Electrical System

Most of us have little to no knowledge of the components and working of our home’s electrical system. Instead, we make the assumption that electricity will always be there and, should anything go wrong, an electrician can be contacted to come and sort the problem out.

As any electrician will testify, the electrical system of most homes is complex and sensitive. While electrical systems are designed to be robust and dependable, their balance can be disturbed through improper treatment, resulting in the need for specialised electrical services.
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Six Things to Know About Electrics When Building a New Home

Building a new home can be incredibly exciting – it is almost as if you are presented with a clean slate and are positioned to craft your home so that it has the features and attributes that are functional and most desired. Many people find that they get so consumed by the design and project management aspects of their new home that crucial aspects, such as its electrical services, can be overlooked.

While building a new home does mean that you can start from scratch and create a home that inspires and suits your needs, practical matters such as the electrical system do need be considered. We all rely heavily on electricity and so it pays to do some planning so that your home is safe, convenient and effectively organised.
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What you Should Know About Electrical Installations

Electrical installations can look mysterious. There are some basic requirements for electrical installation, and some things people need to know about them. Quality of workmanship, standards of performance, and possible hazards are some of the more important issues in electrical installation, and it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the basic requirements.
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