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How Could Your Business Benefit from Energy Saving Bulbs?

How Could Your Business Benefit from Energy Saving Bulbs?As electricity costs rise in Australia, we’re all trying to find ways to cut down on our energy usage. Perhaps you’re being more conscious of which lights are on at home or you’re choosing energy efficient appliances. But have you applied these energy saving practices to your business?


Cut down costs

There’s no doubt that businesses use a large amount of electricity and it can be a major part of a business’ expenses. One way to drastically cut down these costs is by installing energy saving light bulbs in place of your incandescent or halogen lights. Electricity provider Endeavour Energy state that energy efficient light bulbs like compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use 75% less power than the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are another form of energy saving bulbs your business should consider and both CFLs and LEDs are available in different colours of light, from a warm yellow to a cool blue. Click Here To Read More

Checking Your Heaters and Electric Blankets Before Winter

When the cold months roll around and you pull those dusty portable heaters and electric blankets out of storage, stop and think before you turn them on, as they could be potential hazards.

Check them first

Every winter, fire brigades across the country attend a number of house fires started by household appliances that were faulty or incorrectly used. To keep your family safe:

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Energy-efficient Appliances – Why Purchasing New Electrical Goods Will Reduce That Dreaded Quarterly Bill

As a buyer, you can’t escape the influx of messages surrounding the importance of the environment and being environmentally conscious – and this applies to household appliances too. When buying a new appliance or replacing an existing, choosing from the energy-efficient range can save you both money and your environmental footprint on the earth – all without having to make a sacrifice in your lifestyle.

Do you cringe receiving that quarterly electricity bill? Well the answer to your problems might be closer than you expected. Many electric appliances have an Energy Rating Label to help you compare how much electricity the product uses against other appliances. The star rating gives an assessment of the model’s energy-efficiency. The more stars, the more efficient the appliance is in comparison to other models in its line of function. The energy consumption figure shows an estimate of how much energy the appliance uses each year. The lower the figure, the better!

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6 of the Most Frequently Used Electrical Tools

Although electrical work is almost invariably best left to an electrician, when carrying out electrical services work, a range of tools and equipment are commonly used. Of course, different electrical projects require different tools, but the following items are some of the most frequently and extensively used for electrical work around the home and in public buildings.

1:  Fish tape

Fish tape is most useful to those performing electrical work because it enables stranded or solid wire to be pulled through a conduit made from metal or PVC. To further facilitate this, lube specifically designed for cables is available and this provides great assistance for pulling wires through a pipe.

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How Do I Know If My Electrical Equipment is Safe?

The only way to find out whether your electrical services equipment is safe is to have it inspected by a qualified electrician. These days, many consumers choose to have their house inspected for faulty wiring and many local councils and government agencies partly fund this process. So it makes sense to have your house checked if you have any concerns. The check involves not only the an examination of your wiring and specific appliances that may be causing your concern.

It is a basic rule of thumb that we should exercise care with electricity in our houses because we all know the ramifications of not doing so. Nearly every week we hear of tragedies involving fires that have been caused by bad wiring or faulty appliances. Insurance companies also sponsor regular checks so there is really no reason why you should remain in danger of faulty electrical equipment.
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