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Fire Safety Warning Issued in Melbourne

Firefighters in Melbourne are urging residents to be wary of fire risks this winter.

In 2012 the fire department dealt with 3,800 fires across the state, in which 12 people died. The average damage bill was $29,000 and 40% of fires occurred in Melbourne.

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Teaching Children About Safety Around Electricity

Children tend to grasp concepts by what they can see and touch. For example, when daddy holds his hand near a candle flame and then pulls it away saying “Ouch!”, suddenly ‘hot’ becomes a concept they can understand.

But how do you teach a child about electricity, something they can neither see nor touch? Here are some suggested ways to educate children about the dangers of electricity, as well as some of the things you can do to keep them safe.


Demonstrating the danger is always the best way. Yet because electricity is invisible, it is difficult to make a child understand that it even exists, let alone that it is dangerous.

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Childproofing Your Power Outlets

Children are the most curious of creatures, and will stick anything they can into anything they can find, just to see what happens. Whether your child is still a baby or is now big enough to be running around the house, make sure you prevent them from injuring themselves via your electrical power outlets.

Once your child is old enough, you should talk to them about the dangers of electrocution; until then, you may have to make sure that you are keeping them safe and taking every possible precautionary measure. The following are some of the best ways to childproof your power outlets, though you should be sure to talk to your electrician or local electrical services for more ideas on keeping your outlets childproof.

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8 Things to Know About Electrical Safety and Children

Because of the ways that we use electricity and our reliance upon electrical devices, our homes are filled with potential dangers for our children. While appliances and electricity are critical for our lives and lifestyle, there are important things that parents should know in order to promote their children’s safety and protection against accidents involving electricity.

1:  As adults we know and accept that electricity and electrical devices are the domain of a qualified electrician. However, to children electrical devices can be intriguing and with numerous buttons and switches, there are plenty of fascinating things that little hands and mouths want to explore. This means that we need to inspect our homes extremely carefully and look for the risky things that our children can reach and explore.

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