Why It’s Better To Get A Trade Than To Go To University

In most developed countries, there is a huge amount of status associated with having a university degree, with some people even looking down on anyone who doesn’t have one. The ironic part about this is that these days having a degree is definitely no guarantee that you will be able to get a job, meaning that despite all the status that comes with a degree, it can end up not being worth much at all.

Learning a trade on the other hand had always been associated with being an uneducated option, despite the fact that most tradespeople earn a good living. Having trade skills has always been useful, though now more than ever there are increasing reasons to take a pass on that university degree and learn a trade instead.

Save Years Of Your Life

A lot of people begin their trade training as early as the age of 16, and are earning money and learning their trade straight away. This is a huge advantage on those who go to university who may have to wait an extra 6 or 7 years before they start earning money. The independence that comes with earning your own money at an early age can have a profoundly positive impact on a person and provide them a few more options in setting up the rest of their life.

It’s A Secure Job

Unlike a lot of people with university education, tradespeople rarely have trouble finding work, as there are always people who need people with practical skills such as carpentry,  painting or those of an electrical contractor. Melbourne and Sydney alike have heaps of job openings for tradespeople as both cities are always in the process of expanding and renovating.

Great Pay

One thing about trade work that makes it a very tempting career choice is that once you get your papers, you can be making some very serious money, especially if you learn how to do electrical work. Most fully qualified tradespeople earn just as much as most university educated professionals, the big difference being that there are more jobs in the trades than in most other types of professions.

You Can Be Your Own Boss

It’s definitely not an automatic thing, though if you get good at the trade you have chosen, there is a very real chance that you can go out on your own and work for yourself. You might want to do a basic business course on the side to help you along your way, though there will be lots of opportunities to do your own thing and be your own boss.

It’s Gratifying

Some jobs pay really well though at the end of the day it’s hard to tell exactly what kind of difference you have made to the world. This is never the case for the trades-person as it is always easy to tell how you have made a difference, making this an extremely gratifying career choice.

Everyone is different and some of us aren’t suited to a life in the trades, though for those that like working with their hands, working unsupervised and having constant employment opportunities, you are probably better off skipping uni and getting yourself a trade.