Jobs Where You Can Work On Your Own

Working as part of a team can be a very rewarding experience, though for a lot of people they far prefer to work on their own. Not every job allows for this, though, and if you really want to be the only one involved in getting your work done, there are quite a few options for you. The following jobs are all great options if working on your own is a priority.


Once you are trained up, working in electrical services will generally have you not only travelling all over town but also being pretty much self sufficient. Even if you are working for a large company, you won’t need to rely on others to make sure the job is done right. Electrical skills are highly specialised so you will find most jobs will have you called in and then left alone.

Investigative Journalist

Working as a journalist will allow you to spend the majority of your time working on your own. You may be reporting for a large media outlet made up of dozens of people, though the very nature of your job will mean that you will be left alone to do your own thing. If you like your own space to get your work done, this job is a real gem.

Wildlife Photographer

This one person profession really is a self sufficient one, and if you know how to develop your own photos, you don’t need anyone else to help with any stage of the work process. This job will allow you to be out and about most of the time and not having to deal with people at all. So if even the sight of people leaves a bad taste in your mouth, head off into the wilderness and get up close to some of nature’s most amazing creatures.

Professional Golfer

This is a job where you are around other people but the work that you do is totally up to you. No one else can shoot that great round for you and the best golfers spend their time on the course in a world of their own. Your practice time will also be spent alone as well, so if you are after a job that has you alone in a crowd, this career really is a one person show.


For a job that can have you almost never having to deal with other people, becoming a writer is the perfect solitary career. You can work from anywhere which will allow you to get as far away from everyone else as you’d like and taking care of your work in exactly the way you want to.


There isn’t a lot of the world that hasn’t been discovered yet, though that can just make this a more challenging job. You will be able to head off into the unknown regions of the world and have you relying on nobody except yourself. Get away from the crowds and see parts of the world no one ever has