How to Save on Your Electricity Bill

In the face of the rising costs of electricity, almost all of us are seeking ways to reduce our energy expenditure and save money on our electricity bills. Being more aware of how we use electricity not only has a positive economic effect, it also results in a range of environmental benefits.

Fortunately, there are a number of straightforward but effective ways to save money on your electricity bill and notice these savings quickly.

Commit to switching off and unplugging electrical devices.

Electricians consistently advise that one of the most simple and certainly most effective ways to save on electricity is to always turn off lights in rooms that are not occupied. There really is no point in keeping rooms lit when there is no one in them.

Similarly, electrical devices, including: computers, printers, DVD players, televisions and modems, should be turned off whenever they are not in use. Be aware that even when devices are ‘off’ in stand by mode, they are still using electricity; it is only by unplugging devices from a power point that you can be assured that they are not draining even small amounts of power.

Engage an electrician to check the safety of the wiring of your home.

Ensure that your electrical system is serviced and checked for safety. Only a qualified and skilled electrician is capable of providing the electrical services and undertaking the electrical repairs needed to keep your home’s electrical system in safe and effective working order.

Electricians are able to carry out a range of electrical testing services and do the necessary checks that will ultimately save you money and deliver you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the wiring of your home is safe.

Consider the use of programmable timers.

By adding a controllable and programmable thermostat that will turn off your heating and air conditioning as well as turn it on, it is possible to save considerable amounts on your electricity bill. When you ensure that your heating and air conditioning units are turned off when no one is home and by regulating the temperature of your house, savings of up to twenty per cent can be noticed on your electricity bill.

Do not run appliances until they are full.

A lot of energy is wasted by running washing machines, clothes dryers and dishwashers before they are completely full. When they operate with less than a full load, power is unnecessarily wasted at great cost.

Washing your clothes in cold water can result in considerable energy savings and monetary benefits, as can consistently checking the lint filter of your clothes dryer before it is used each and every time.

Limit your use of hot water.

Although a hot shower can be amazing, particularly on a frosty Winter’s morning, standing under the shower for a long time can prove expensive. If you reduce the amount of time that you spend under the shower and reduce the water temperature, incredible savings in your expenditure of electric hot water heating can be enjoyed.

To be even more energy and water efficient, ensure that your shower is fitted with a low flow shower head, which controls the amount of water flowing through the shower head.

There is no denying that electricity is expensive and is only projected to rise in cost. The good news is that there are many ways to make savings on your electricity bill while making a positive environmental contribution at the same time.